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MAKEUP SALES' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Sep 2016|07:45pm]

Kat Von D Shade and Light blushes BNIB in:
Hansel + Gretel
Mickey + Mallory
Bonnie + Clyde

$12 shipped, each, or all 3 for $30 shipped

Email sheisfree0@gmail.com if interested.

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sale [25 Aug 2016|10:26pm]

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[13 May 2016|06:59pm]

Small sale - some items are the Tarte Tartelette palette, Urban Decay shadows in Psychedelic Sister and Sellout, as well as some nail polishes and perfume. Will be adding some additional items later.

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[31 Mar 2016|02:40pm]

Shipping is $2.50 for the first item, and an additional $0.50 for each item added on. PayPal fees to be added to total. Prefer to ship only within the US.
MUA - useyoureyes
Ebay - whatsapadalecki

Urban Decay shadows in:
Fireball - used 1x $9
Bordello - swatched 1x $9
Psychedelic Sister - swatched 1x $9
Sellout - swatched 1x $9

Urban Decay full sized liners in:
Psychedelic Sister - used 2x $9
Demolition - used 1x $9
Mainline - used 4x $8

Urban Decay travel sized liners in:
Cosmic - used 1x $3
Supply - used 2x $3
Trick - used 1x $3

Vera Wang Hippie Princess EDT 1 fl oz - used 3x $15

Enchanted Wonderstruck Eau De Parfum 1fl ox - used 3x $10

Collapse )
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NAKED 3 [18 Dec 2015|06:46pm]

Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette with brush $30 (plus $4 to ship) Email me if interested: dancelivebreathe@gmail.com
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Rare Chanel Blush [18 Dec 2015|06:39pm]

BLUSH HORIZON DE CHANEL $75 (plus $3 for shipping)
soft glow blush - Very Hard To Find
Email me for invoice: dancelivebreathe@gmail.com
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small clearout sale - MAC blushes, NARS primer, EL Bronze Goddess matte, ULTA brushes, and growing [27 Nov 2015|11:47pm]

makeup sale on my storenvy site.  my lj page will have the link.  thanks, greetings and enjoy! 
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[22 Nov 2015|08:14pm]

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – a few shades tried 1x $36 shipped

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Bobbi brown [10 Nov 2015|01:52pm]


Lightly used palette
$36 shipped will be sanitized before sending

check out my eBay feedback

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Huge Stash sale!! MAC, NARS, R&R, Bobbi Brown....MSFs, blush, eyeshadow, lips & more! [06 Nov 2015|05:25pm]

Please click the link to check out my sale! All prices are negotiable!

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mostly nail polish [23 Oct 2015|08:48pm]

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HUGE HIGH END BLOG SALE.. Chanel, Tom Ford, MAC, Too Faced, Le Metier De Beaute, DL, RBL, etc [04 Oct 2015|01:04pm]

In my journal.  Prices lowered and new HE items added.

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Moving sale! [30 Sep 2015|04:57pm]
Selling tons of nail polish! Essie, OPI, Zoya, Butter London, Julep, lots of drugstore brands, and some indies. Willing to negotiate on prices, and can provide pictures if asked! Shipping from/to US only. All transactions done via PayPal.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P9nWzW72ilNCFLfHVEg5JqZgaEnVyQCKBMtOiVYtsmg/edit?usp=sharing

Feedback link: http://polish-feedback.livejournal.com/8369.html
(I am a new seller and would really appreciate feedback!)
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colour pop, mac, urban decay, nail polishes, more [28 Sep 2015|11:31pm]


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HUGE HIGH END BLOG SALE.. Chanel, Tom Ford, Guerlain, Hakuhodo, Le Metier De Beaute, Burberry, etc [15 Sep 2015|06:07pm]

Chanel, Chantecaille, Dior, Hakuhodo, Burberry, LMdB, Bobbi Brown, Matrix Biolage, Calista Tools, Urban Decay, MAC, TONS of HE polishes and much more. Prices lowered and new HE items added.

In my journal.

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MAC, Urban Decay, LUSH, and more [11 Sep 2015|01:06am]

Clearing out sale. Shipping everywhere. Check it out @ http://skthom.livejournal.com/6297.html
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Urban Decay, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, polishes, shadows, liners, Models Prefer, more [16 Aug 2015|03:04pm]

Clearing out sale:

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Need to get rid of ASAP! [19 Jun 2015|08:54pm]
Having a clear out and wanna get rid of a few things that are collecting dust.

MAC Black Knight lipstick.
Used once, no box.
$60AUD, includes shipping to anywhere.

MAC Preppy lip Gelee
Used once, if that. No bo
$35AUD, includes shipping.

MAC Lush and Bright lip Gelee
Used once, if that. No box.
$35AUD, includes shipping.

MAC Shift To Pink lip Gelee
Used once, if that. No box.
$35AUD, includes shipping.

Take all 3 lip Gelee for $100AUD, including shipping to anywhere.

All limited edition.

Pics can we found on Instagram @melz_manor (feeling lazy, when I'm near an actual computer, I'll put pics up here).

Email me: melz1586@gmail.com

Feedback at ebay under baby_chicken01
I used to be on these communities like 5+ years ago. Can't remember my old username nor my mua username/ details.

Shipping from Adelaide, Australia. Shipped out on Monday 22/06 (it's Friday night here).
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[30 Apr 2015|08:13pm]

Gingitsune on MUA with 395 positive tokens. Selling in USA only with postage starting at $3.
Selling stuff from high end to low end with prices as low as $1.
Check it out
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small sale [21 Apr 2015|08:36pm]

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